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Handy Skincare Tips

Here’s a few simple ways to minimise breakouts:
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No squeezing please!

Tempting as it is, it can make pimples worse and also increase the risk of permanent scars.

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Eat a healthy diet.

It is best to avoid foods that you know will trigger your acne. Some recent work has suggested that dairy products and high GI foods can make acne worse.

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Choose your make-up wisely.

Try to stick to water-based, oil-free products to avoid clogging up your pores with oils and powders. Make sure you remove all your make-up before going to bed as well.

  • If you have sensitive skin, we suggest you try pHisohex Face Wash on a small area of the face first before using on the whole face
  • If irritation develops, best to stop using it
  • Avoid direct contact with the eyes. If you get some in your eyes, rinse immediately with water
  • Make sure you keep the cap closed while you’re not using it
  • Store your pHisohex below 30°C
  • And finally remember, pHisohex is designed for external use only